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Unique solutions for excellent organisational performance (USEP) Uganda is a unique consulting business started in 2016 to create a difference in the OD Consulting sub sector and increase access and affordability of quality and well researched OD services. It is a business network of both senior and junior OD consultants fully registered following the provisions of Uganda Business names registration ACT under the number 80020000046372.


There are four key elements that bring out USEP Uganda’s uniqueness

  • We work in a network setting; and this network brings together both expert and experienced OD practitioners as the senior consultants; and the new recruits in the area of OD as the junior consultants; which fosters continuity within the OD sub- sector
  • We offer a platform for discussion of challenges and innovations in the OD consulting sub sector but also conduct OD research that informs our OD consulting approach and methodology.
  • We have a social enterprise arm that focuses on building and enhancing the principles that lead to both people and organisational growth among the youth. Such principles include self-awareness; team working; leadership; and vision/goal setting.
  • We take OD as a calling and therefore offer quality OD solutions at affordable costs; putting more emphasis on the change we wish to create within individuals in the organisation and the organisation as a whole.


Perpetual employee and organizational excellence


To ignite the energy and potential of individuals and organisations in order to enable them execute their mandates excellently.


Continuous improvement, steady excellence, which is derived from Pat Riley’s saying; “excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”.

Our Services


USEP Uganda provides both people and organisational development services


Participants during a communication skills building exercise

USEP’s people development services focus on individuals. They enhance the quality of life of individuals and contribute to realisation of their personal dreams and aspirations. These services also improve individuals’ performance at their workplace. We are aware that personal development takes place over the course of an individual’s entire life and we try as much as possible to help individuals know their life goals and give them tools for managing their growth/development paths.

Basing on the various assessments we have conducted, we have found out that the most outstanding benefits of our people development interventions include the following:

  • Renewed self-esteem and identity
  • Improved self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • Initiation of life enterprises through definition and execution of personal development plans
  • Improved human relations and emotional intelligence

Our people development services include;

USEP Director at the work station.
USEP Uganda Director making a post shadow coaching follow up.
  • Coaching and mentoring : Our preference is shadow coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Personality profiling
  • Team building
  • Inspirational/ Motivational talks
  • Skills building training
  • Strategic Retirement training – We offer uniquely designed training packages that enable employees of whatever age to appreciate and embrace retirement planning


Our organisational development services aim at enabling organisations build and sustain their organisational health and performance. These services  aim at increasing organisational effeciency, effectiveness and sustainability.

We know that a favourable institutional framework (good systems, procedures, policies, structures, processes, plans and practices) must be combined with competent employees in order to attain organisational excellence and sustainability; this explains why we offer both Organisational Development and People Development services.

Our OD services include the following;

Participants  after a strategic planning workshop
  • Conducting general organisational audits as well as specific ones like HR and financial audits; and facilitating organisational change processes
  • Vision and mission setting and reviewing
  • Strategic planning
  • Organisational Training : We develop training aids (manuals/modules/audio-visual training skits etc; conduct organisational training needs assessments and deliver short-term tailored training.
  • Developing and reviewing of organisational policies and systems including constitutions and board charters/manuals, M&E systems and tools and performance management systems
  • Conducting baseline surveys , mid-term review (MTR) and end of project evaluations
  • Resource mobilization missions


Our Consultants possess special and outstanding skills and because of this, USEP offers other services outside its  core mandate, these include:

USEP on a rapporteuring/report writing mission
  • Facilitating meetings and retreats
  • Rapporteuring and report writing
  • Developing advocacy strategies
  • Conducting research
  • Organising information sharing sessions and seminars for OD practitioners
  • We also run a youth wing where we support youth to understand the current leadership challenges Africa faces and build in them skills of collective responsibility, team work and self – discovery and growth

Our Youth Wing

USEP Uganda runs a youth wing as a social enterprise. Our social motivation for running this youth wing is twofold:

1: Community Need:

The services we offer under this wing respond to social needs in our society that are not met by any other businesses. Our society is on the verge of collapsing due to individualism, selfishness, corruption, lack of collective responsibility etc, in schools, workplaces, families and the political arena. Our mission under this wing is to address all these vices among the young generation.

2: Profit Redistribution:

The services we offer generate profits which are partly redistributed to charitable activities for example, some of the youth who have gone through our youth program started a network called WAS Youth net (water and sanitation youth network) which aims at increasing access to clean and safe water among disadvantaged communities. USEP finances some of the activities of WAS Youth net.

What is our business under the youth wing?

USEP youth designing WAS project
USEP youth designing their water and sanitation (WAS) project

We organise team building, self-discovery and goal setting missions for youths in and out of school. These missions are very popular among the youth because they mark positive change and turning points in their lives. The youths who attend these missions get to understand who they are, what kind of future they want to have and how to build relations and work with others as a team either at home, school or work place.  These missions have proved to be very popular, enjoyable and impactful.

One government official who officiated at the closure of one of our very first missions made the following remarks:  “The activities these youth have been taken through can make a very effective training package for enhancing patriotism”.

 Would you like to contribute towards this project?

You can be  part of this life changing program by making a  donation. This can be in form of  reading materials, finances, volunteering, advice, linking the project to strategic partnerships and connections etc. You can start this process by contacting us below

Our Promise

Our promise to our clients and Uganda at large is that we shall at all times do our very best to meet your individual and organisational needs. This promise is premised in our philosophy and commitment, which both shape our character as a result oriented value driven business network.

 Our Philosophy

USEP Uganda consulting network knows that its individuals who destroy or build an organisation. Individuals can destroy a very strong organisation or reclaim the life of a dying organisation. We therefore provide both people and organisational development solutions.

Our solutions aim at igniting potentials in individuals and organisations, tickling their urge for continuous change and lasting excellence. This requires a well-researched product delivered using an inspiring approach. An inspiring approach is that one which focuses on the actual needs of individuals or organisations; and allows them to discover themselves more while taking part in identifying the unique remedies that can address their issues. We know that changing people and organisations is a complex, dynamic and continuous process with no quick fixes. We therefore prefer process interventions to short term “give and go” assignments.

Our Commitment

In whatever work USEP Uganda undertakes we are committed;

  • To provide cost effective solutions
  • To apply relevant, up to date and well researched methodologies
  • To effectively build capacity on both individual and organisational levels
  • To actively engage clients in the planning, delivery and researching on the effectiveness of our methodology
  • To create a change and to support the sustainability of this change

Quality Management

USEP Uganda promises to deliver a very high well managed quality product. We have policies that have been standardized to meet the universal human resource and financial management requirements of any quality business. These policies have been fully adopted and operationalized to ensure that we consistently provide a quality product as well as meeting the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements,

We conduct regular quality checks with both our clients and our internal customers: the consulting partners. We value the feedback we collect from our customers because it helps us to build on our own learning. Since we aim at enhancing client satisfaction, it is a must for us to develop and implement performance improvement plans on an annual basis.

Key Duty bearers

  1. Dr. Carol Serwaano (USEP Board Chairperson)

    Caroline is a Pro-active and result oriented person with broad experience and knowledge in Human resource management and Administration, finance, grant management and procurement with great planning and organizational skills in coordinating all aspects of a project from inception through completion. Well-disciplined with proven ability to manage multiple assignments efficiently under extreme pressure while meeting

  2. Ms. Specioza Kiwanuka Namwebe (Board Member /General Advisor)

    Specioza is a seasoned human rights advocate and a senior executive who has served on numerous NGO Boards in the role of a chairperson. She holds a Master of science degree in Agricultural economics and a certificate in Programme Management, Resource Mobilisation and Financial Management offered by MS TCDC, Arusha, Tanzania. An extra-ordinary skilled Programme

  3. Mr. Mbaziira Allan (Board member/Financial Advisor)

    Allan is a talented and energetic qualified Accountant and Statistician. He possesses very good financial accounting, reporting, modelling, budgeting and research skills. He has sufficient understanding of IASs and IFRs and statistical packages. Currently Allan works as a Financial Analyst with the East African Development Bank where he is responsible for collecting, compiling and interpreting

  4. Ms. Linda Nakakande Lwanga (Executive Director /Board member)

    Linda is the brain behind USEP consulting network and currently the head of a team of four full time volunteering partners. Linda holds a Master’s degree in Development studies attained at ISS Netherlands; and certificates in Facilitating Organisational Development., facilitating adult learning and creating effective learning environments awarded by recognised accredited international training institutes in

  5. Betty Kisakye Muwanguzi (Operations Manager / Board Secretary)

    Betty holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Sciences from Makerere University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Uganda Management Institute. She holds several certificates: Debriefing Skills and Conflict Resolution, The Human Dimension PTY Australia; Leadership & Management; Exceptional Customer Service/Retention; Public Speaking. She is talented and has unique skills


 The following are the available resources and if you are interested in getting a copy of any of them please contact us below

  1. USEP Business Profile

  2. USEP team building pack

    This summarises what USEP offers during team building missions.

  3. A Team building guide for clients

    It outlines what is expected of clients when preparing for team building workshops.

  4. Strategic planning manual

    This outlines the most effective process and activities to undertake during a strategic planning workshop.

  5. A simple Financial management health check

    This helps organisations to gauge how good and healthy their financial management system is..

News & Events

USEP Uganda has designed a program for nurturing leadership skills and standards among young people at primary and secondary school level. For details about this program click here.

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